SWITCHING TO Whole Foods Plant Based


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This picture taken morning my daughter got married. It shows my joy as I helped her prepare for the big day– it also shows I have a long way to go in weight loss.  WISH ME LUCK!




It turns out that nutritionists have been telling people that a high-carb-low-fat diet doesn’t provide good weight loss results when, in fact, the way they performed the studies, the high-carb-low-fat plan they put patients on for the study was actually STILL high fat.

I may not be a diabetic, but by dropping my insulin levels, maybe now I have a chance of weight loss (the Paleo diet kept insulin levels high because of its focus on protein and fat which elevates insulin & keeps the pounds on.

High Insulin Levels prevent weight loss. I knew the secret of my weight loss would include a plan that lowered my bodies insulin levels. Plant Based Whole foods helped prevent hunger, a sign a lowering insulin levels. But it wasn’t until I included intermittent fasting that I was able to finally start losing weight!

My fast is 16/8 I fast till noon and eat between Noon and 8pm. I’m finally losing weight!


11 thoughts on “SWITCHING TO Whole Foods Plant Based

  1. Zellie! My wife, Karen is an EXPERT on paleo, and daughter Elizabeth is too [google her and you will get too many videos to watch] – and would love to tell you about it. She is the lady described in CANCER GOD’S GIFT [by me-google it]. Paleo is great and sooooooooooo difficult when you begin. I am sugar-addicted so it almost hurt. And carbs-I live for carbs- no more. Heaven for me is Karen and carbs, dont need nuthin else. Let me know if you want to talk to her – she has all these paleo cookbooks and she and one of my daughters have learned how to make sweet desserts etc with NOI sugar.

    God bless you and keep you and always hold you safe in His no-sugar-n-carbs hand.


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    On Sat, Nov 3, 2018 at 3:09 PM Michele Marie’s Poetry By The Fireside… wrote:

    > MicheleMariePoetry posted: “Doctors never told me that inflammatory foods > also inflame the Thyroid and make it sluggish! For people sensitive to > many foods, like myself, apparently not only can FOOD trigger Rheumatoid > Arthritis inflammation, but it can cause insane weight gain due” >

  2. Guy, I’ve missed your poetry! Hope you’re still writing-
    I do remember your post “CANCER GOD’S GIFT” — It was incredibly inspirational, and I just found your article in Catholic Stand- and read it again
    I’ve heard and read of so many people beating cancer through diet –including reading a book by a doctor with advanced prostate cancer that had spread everywhere who’d beat cancer with eating changes alone-
    I haven’t found it too difficult to adjust to Paleo since I’ve been steadily getting rid of inflammatory foods in my daily eating: bread, sugar, etc.
    What’s convinced me of Paleo is that it’s not just weight loss, but an anti-inflammatory diet. I started learning about that way back when I used to get stiff necks and learned that dairy was an inflammatory food! When I got rid of dairy the stiff neck and pain went away. Eventually gluten had the same effect., so I got rid of it…one by one…
    I’ve picked up several Paleo cook books. and have saved several Christmas cookie Paleo recipes for the Christmas party I’ll be attending this year.
    So glad your wife beat cancer! I take it she didn’t have to give up fruit then, if she’s Paleo- which is nice to know (some on cancer diets give up fruit???)
    It’s great to hear from you!

  3. I am a sugar addict and always have been. I was told as a little kid to cut out wheat, dairy, and sugar. I didn’t listen and my health is paying the ultimate price. I don’t drink or smoke but I feel SO unhealthy. I’m not even overweight but I’m unhealthy on the inside. Bad skin, sluggish, always tired, and anemic. Paleo is so hard for me to stick with but I’m making it a new year’s resolution once and for all to give it another try!

    • Apparently there are so many diseases caused by those foods, not to mention cancer… I think the commitment needs to be in the food preparation, and also finding easy foods for when you are in a hurry. Also, not being too hard on yourself if you mess up. For bad skin, I read an article once, something about how schools in Alaska noticed that the Eskimos that came to them with beautiful skin, after awhile of living and eating at the school, ended up with heavy acne- which the school attributed to the milk they were given, which isn’t typically in their diet. Most of my aches and pains are gone now, with the diet change. Also, if you go on YouTube, they have these handy videos on food preparation for the week for Paleo, that you can do on the weekend and get ideas there. I guarantee you’ll feel better and save money by not spending on fast food. Good luck, let me know how it goes.

    • Everything depends on what you eat and what you feel ,think inside of you.. balancing on nutrition , gym mind definitely help you… Best wishes of new resolution 👍👍..more to focus on consistancy

  4. Good luck! My mom is currently starting the keto diet and just eliminating the grains alone has made tremendous difference in her health. I’m beginning to think i need to do the same! I’ve definitely cut back but not eliminated. This is a great motivator! I hope you continue to have success in this journey!

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