Mr. Rogers didn’t have Time to Watch T.V.

Fred_RogersYears ago I came upon a show where Mr. Roger, of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, was being pranked.

It was one of those hidden camera pranks they sometimes do on celebrities.

Apparently Mr. Rogers had reserved a hotel room during some travels. So the show’s crews trashed the hotel room and put a hidden camera there to catch his reaction.  The whole room was torn up, and it looked like someone had thrown a brick through the T.V.

The goal seemed to be to see Mr. Rogers (who always seemed calm) lose his cool.

The baggage carrier opened the door to the hotel room and revealed a completely messy and broken up room. Mr. Rogers seemed more amused than anything.  The hotel guy, thinking Mr. Rogers must be blind, started pointing out different things like the torn up bed, the tipped over furniture, etc. making sure that Mr. Rogers didn’t miss any of the mess- apologizing profusely as he assured Mr. Rogers that staff would be coming to clean the place up.  Mr. Rogers continued to smile, nod understandingly, and be ever so gracious about the whole messy room.

(I guess he isn’t one of those celebrities that scream “DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” at the slightest ‘disrespect’… 😉

But when the hotel employee pointed out the huge hole in the the t.v. set, Mr. Rogers smiled even bigger and said something like, “Oh, I don’t watch t.v.- I don’t have time for that.”

(An odd comment, coming from a guy who made his living on it.)

(Not so odd since I’ve read of other  actors who also don’t ‘waste’ their time watching TV.)

(Makes me wonder if they know something I don’t?)

(And even less odd when you consider that these are busy people who have a tremendous work ethic!)

A great goal of mine is to give up T.V.



However, I  have kids and a husband at home and love joining them for a show.

I’m not one of those who think TV is evil. I’ve watched many good shows that were inspiring, educational, had great story lines or that gave us something to discuss. TV has often brought us together at the end of a busy day to relax.

But I don’t want to die watching T.V.  I want to live having done things while working hard! I don’t want to live having wasted too much time ‘watching’  others go about their ‘acting’ work.

Michele Marie


11 thoughts on “Mr. Rogers didn’t have Time to Watch T.V.

  1. I’ve definitely cut back. I grew up watching tones of British t.v. Was gutted the t.v. was playing up tonight so I couldn’t watch The Voice. It’s the only thing I watch regularly. I love watching kids movies on the weekend.

  2. PBS recently carried a story about someone who had watched Mr. Rogers’ program. During a time when the viewer had experienced a difficult stretch, he met Fred Rogers coming out of an elevator. Mr. Rogers gave the viewer his full attention, allowing him to share his problem. So in real life, Mr. Rogers was the gracious person we had seen on TV. FB recently carried the appearance of Mr. Rogers when he appeared before a Senate committee to defend the funding of PBS. He convinced the senators. We could use him today.

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