Three Friends~

heavenI have the choice of three friends~ I can live in the past with a friend called ‘Obsolete.’ I can live in the future with a friend called ‘Myth.’ Or I can live in the present with a friend called ‘Truth.’

 ~Michele Marie



Only the present moment actually exists.

The past is skewed with faulty and biased memories~ Have you ever read about an event written from the viewpoint of two different people? COMPLETELY different stories!

The future is Myth because NO one can predict the future! Never in a million years would I have thought, (when I was younger) that I would marry, have 5 kids, and live where I do! Never would I have known that I would write, be creative, and have the friends that I do.

Only this moment is real, and must be dealt with in all peace.


3 thoughts on “Three Friends~

  1. Waoh… I am a sucker for inspirational quotes. Even have a whole section of them on my blog.

    Since I am a crusader for living in the moment, this one is perfect.

    You’ve made my evening, Michele. 🙂

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