Do you feel like a chicken whose lost its head?

Do you feel like a chicken whose lost its head somewhere over the past year and found it again over Christmas vacation? And having found it, you placed it firmly on your neck and started writing again? That’s funny- same think just happened to me. And I want to keep that head firmly planted this time. 2 weeks of […]

Why Were You Born?

A few days ago I was listening to the radio as I drove, and overheard a lady speaking who, as a teenager, wanted to commit suicide. She thought life was so terrible and hopeless that there was no point to living. She was in the midst of her suicide attempt when she heard an audible […]

Now I know, ‘Tis Better to Outline’

I’ve been a College Writing Tutor now for awhile. I help college students write papers… all sorts of papers. One thing that has become very clear: if I can help the student create some kind of tentative  (and very simple) outline, before they’ve even begun to write, then they will save precious time and have an organized planned […]