To Outline or Not to Outline a Novel

Many have declared that it is better NOT to outline. Thereby, the story carries itself. The writer ‘feels’ their way through to the end… Others have said that an Outline is best as therefore the story is organized and does NOT take off in directions that may lead to nowhere. I’m currently working on a novel. Definitely […]

Strange…I’m able to write again… or maybe there is a reason..

Strange…I’m able to write again… or maybe there is a reason… The only thing that has changed is my diet, as far as I am aware of… Sure, there had been some changes in my life, and a lot going on that seemed to distract me from writing. But even when I sat down with no distractions, […]

I Didn’t Know that WordPress was Religious! The Story of Noah- No Less!

I Guess WordPress has become Religious, as it has Revived the Symbol of the Rainbow-I guess WordPress want to remind me of the story of Noah…. It has put a Rainbow on both my site page and my Reader page, without my permission nor ability to remove it (This can only be viewed by the […]