If I Write:

Academia:  “Write of roses, daffodils, and violets, White linen, drownings, and yellow-wallpaper creeping madness” If I write: This artist will write of your painted rainbow mists– Blue mornings, pink horizons, and golden oceans! If I write: This gray moth will write of Your stained-glass-monarch-butterfly universe! If I write: This traveler will write of worlds that collide The Pacific and […]

The Movie: “I, Frankenstein”

Now that I’ve seen ” I, Frankenstein”   I must say it was not what I thought it would be. I was expecting a green skinned, neck bolted guy. Nope.  This movie is based on the graphic novel I, Frankenstein by Kevin Grevioux. This Frankenstein’s monster is the original from 200 years ago, but the story is set in the present […]